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 For Sellers: 
  • Enter correct information about your vehicle in the online forms. 
  • Fix a convenient time for showing your vehicle to the prospective buyer. Take the buyerís phone number in case you need to confirm or cancel the appointment. 
  • After revealing the full asking price, you can give your vehicle for the test drive to the prospective buyer. During the test drive, you should sit along with the prospective buyer.  
  • Check the identity proof of the prospective buyer. Keep the photocopy of the identity proof document. 
  • Complete all legal formalities.
  • Get the payment cheque/draft cleared before handing over the keys to the buyer. 
 Hire a Vehicle: 
 For Rental Vehicle Provider: 
  • Clearly mention rental charges, contact details and other important information.
  • The driver of your vehicle should have verified back-ground check, experience and valid driving license. 
  • Your vehicle should have GPRS system to track the movements, if favourable.
  • Save contact information of the client for any communication. 
  • Clearly explain complete vehicle rental charges to the client. 
  • Send the vehicle to the client according to his/her requirement. 
For Buyers: 
  • Always check original registration documents of the vehicle. Never accept photocopy documents of the used vehicle. 
  • Always ensure that the person who is selling the vehicle is same as the person named on the registration document or authorised broker. Donít accept the excuse that the seller is selling on behalf of a friend. 
  • Check the engine and chassis number of the vehicle and match with the registration documents. 
  • Cross-check all the features that were listed by the seller in the online advertisement. 
  • You must check the used vehicle insurance status. If the vehicle is insured then check the expiry date. 
  • When buying a nearly new vehicle (1 year or 2 year old), it is advisable to confirm whether or not there is any outstanding loan balances.  
  • Take the service of a vehicle expert for complete inspection of the vehicle. 
  • Always test drive the vehicle yourself before buying it. 
  • If the full service history is available, check whether the used vehicle mileage is close to the figure given on the service history documents. 
  • Take the custody of the vehicle just after giving payment. 
Health/Holidays Services Provider:  
  • If you are selling a holiday package then you should give brief description of your package, complete charges, terms and conditions etc.  
  • Health service providers should write a brief description about their services. 
  • Donít forget to enter your location.  
  • Leave complete contact information.  
  • Fix face-to-face meeting with the prospective client and give brief introduction of your health/holidays services.  
  • Explain all the terms & conditions to the prospective client. 
 Real estate Properties
 Selling a Property 
  • You should be realistic about your property price. Too high prices will keep the prospective buyers away. 
  • Carry out good research for getting exact price scenario of the properties nearby your property. Now ask the price according to the latest trend.  
  • Always enter correct information in the online property ad i.e. space, locality, amenities etc.  
  • You should provide your complete contact information in the online property ad. It will help you in communicating with the prospective buyers.  
  • After receiving a call/SMS/e-mail from the prospective buyer you can fix an appointment with him/her.  
  • Show your property to the prospective buyer with a smile. Donít boast about your property or fake things.  
  • Do not leave your valuable things on display like jewellery in the bedroom.  
  • Check the identity proof of the prospective buyer before going for final legal formalities.  
  • Do not give custody of your property before getting final payment. 
 For Tenant 
  • If you are the prospective tenant then you should do good research before choosing the property for rent.  
  • Compare different online to-let property ads. Compare features, locality, rent, surrounding area, accessibility to market, and other facilities.  
  • After choosing a particular property ad, save the landlord contact information provided. Fix an appointment with the landlord for inspecting his property.  
  • Completely inspect the property leaving no doubt. You should cross-check the features that were given in the online property to-let ad.  
  • Verbally discuss all the terms and conditions with the landlord before going for final legal agreement.  
  • Before giving an advance, make sure that the person who is taking advance is the real landlord. Also make sure that you collect the advance payment receipt from the landlord. 
 Buying a Property 
  • Check the current property rate scenario from real estate magazines, print classifieds, online classifieds etc. 
  • Compare various properties according to your requirement i.e. price, space, locality, amenities etc.  
  • Check the contact information of the property advertiser and contact him/her for seeing the property.  
  • Try to go with a property expert or the person who has good knowledge about real estate. Check the property site carefully.  
  • Cross-check all the features and amenities listed by the property owner in the online ad.  
  • Make sure that the person who is showing property is the real owner.  
  • Check original documents of the property to avoid fraud.  
  • After choosing the property, discuss all the legal formalities with the property owner.  
  • You must go with your family member or a friend for the final property deal.  
  • Never give payment in cash. Negotiate for payment by cheque/draft.  
  • You can ask for custody of the property according to the agreement. 
For Sellers: 
  • Enter correct information about your household item and contact information.
  • Handover the receipts, guarantee card and instruction manuals to the buyer if you have the same. 
For Rent:(Lessor/provider)
  • Honestly declare the current condition of the product to the customer before giving it for rent. 
  • Give trial of the product to the prospective customer on demand. 
For Buyers:  
  • Check the working condition of the equipment/goods thoroughly before you buy. There are no consumer laws governing private transactions, if the goods turn out to be faulty.  
  • Ask if the seller still has receipts, guarantee card and instruction manuals.  
  • You can ask for trial of the household item.  
  • When buying and selling pets, ensure that all necessary certificates are produced. If you are buying from a breeder, you should request a pedigree certificate as well as worming and vaccination details. Young animals should always be seen with their mother. Before you consider buying any pet, make sure you understand fully what is involved in its care.
 For Item Seeker: (Lessee)
  • Rent a household item only after carefully checking its latest condition. 
For Employers:  
  • Post your job offer while entering complete information like job title, job description, experience, educational qualification, location, salary offered and contact details. 
  • You can search the posted profiles/ads of job seekers by searching our job database via vacancy/job category and respective subcategory.  
  • Save contact information of the job candidates for future communication. 
 For Job Seekers:
 For Searching 
  • Search the job based on the different parameters like skill set, experience, educational qualification, salary and location.  
  • From the list of the job ads you can choose and contact the advertiser. 
 For Posting Ad:
  • Post your ad while entering job title, location, designation, educational qualification, expected salary, experience, contact info and other details. 
  • Share your updated resume with the prospective employer/consultant after receiving his/her contact details.  
  • Keep contact information of the employer/consultant for future communication. 
 For Business/Service Provider:  
  • Enter correct information about your business/service in the ad.  
  • Clearly tell your business/service charges to the prospective client.  
  • Fix face-to-face meeting with the prospective client and give brief demonstration of your business/service. 
  • Complete all the required legal documentation/paper work before actually providing your business/service to the client. 
 For Business/Service Seeker:  
  • Fix face-to-face meeting with the business/service provider and ask for a brief demonstration.  
  • Clearly ask for complete business/service charges. 
  • Complete all the required legal documentation/paper work before receiving business/service from the provider. 
 Computers/Office Equipment 
 For Computers/Mobile Provider:
  • If you are selling a second-hand computer/mobile then disclose all the required information like condition, brand and age of the product.  
  • Clearly tell your computers/mobile product price or service charges to the prospective customer.  
  • Give trial of the computers/mobile products to the client. 
  • If you are the computer/mobile service provider, give a brief introduction to the prospective client.  
  • After selling your computer/mobile handover warranty card, bill, and manual to the customer, if you have. 
 For Computers/Mobile Seekers:  
  • Ask for trial of the computer/mobile product. In case of computer/mobile services, ask for a brief intro. 
  • After buying the computer/mobile product, ask if the buyer still has the receipt or guarantee if appropriate. 
 For Health/Holidays 
 Services Seekers:  
  • From the list of the health/holidays service provide choose and contact the person who operates from nearby location.  
  • If you are buying holiday/travel vouchers, make sure you have read and fully understood the terms and conditions for the use of the voucher, especially when it concerns the transfer of the voucher from one person to another, BEFORE you pay.  
  • Ask for complete holiday package and health services charges.  
  • Keep in mind that a price given in an advertisement might not be the standard cost of a flight to a given destination. 
  • Donít forget to ask for payment receipt. 
Property/Real Estate 
Renting a Property 
For Landlord 
  • If you are the landlord and placing an ad for renting your property (flats, shops, apartments etc.) then make sure that the information you are entering is completely true.  
  • Leave complete contact information in the online ad.  
  • Fix a convenient time for showing your property to the prospective tenant. Take the prospective tenantís phone number in case you need to confirm or cancel the appointment.  
  • Always show actual condition of the property.  
  • You must check the identity proof of the prospective tenant.  
  • If you are the landlord then donít give custody of your property before completing legal formalities.  
  • After giving the property on rent, the landlord must furnish the information regarding the tenant to the nearest police station. 
 For Posting a Personal Ad: 
  • Always keep things clear what are you looking for or what personal services are you offering. 
  • In case of man seeking women/woman seeking men/chat friends, donít leave your personal address and other confidential information. 
  • For posting a personal relationship ad, give a brief introduction about you and your hobbies. 
  • Be honest while posting a personal ad. Donít post a relationship seeking ad with a fake name of your friend or colleague or relative. 
For Personal Meeting:
  • It is probably better not to accept a lift on the very first meeting.  
  • Keep a pepper spray in your bag all the time for handling any unwanted situation. 
  • Keep some personal details to yourself. It might be better not to give your home address until you are sure that the person you have met is right for you.  
  • Prior meeting, inform your parents about the meeting.
  • After meeting never leave too late in the night.
 For Education/Tuition Provider:  
  • Enter correct information about your education/tuition service in the ad.
  • Fill all the required fields like location, charges, timing etc. 
  • Donít forget to leave your contact information.  
  • Clearly tell your education/tuition charges to the prospective client.  
  • Fix face-to-face meeting with the prospective client and give brief demonstration of your institute/education service/tuition. 
 For Education/Tuition Seeker:  
  • Fix face-to-face meeting with the education/tuition provider and ask for a brief introduction.  
  • Clearly ask for complete education/tuition charges. 

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